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plant based feminine hygiene gift

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                                          (plant based feminine hygiene canada)


Chemicals in feminine hygiene products especially Traditional hygiene products can cause hormone issues, issues with the immune system, developmental problems and reproductive issues such as endometriosis, painful periods and even infertility

The spongy tissues of the vagina can introduce poisonous chemicals into the bloodstream. Long term use of chemically filled traditional hygiene products have been linked to higher cancer risk.

Switch to all natural plant based hygiene products .They work and feel better, are more healthy, and produce less waste.

Best organic feminine products
Bamboo charcoal far-infrared anion pads ( 15 pads in box) (best organic sanitary napkins)
Aloe Vera sensitive wash (all natural feminine hygiene wash)
Refreshing feminine mist (all natural feminine hygiene spray)
8 feminine wipes ( antibacterial feminine wipes)
Womb tea\  (best tea for womb health)

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