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feminine wipes

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                                                     (antibacterial feminine wipes)

                                                       Eco friendly feminine wipes

8 feminine refreshing wipes in a pouch!

A discreet way of getting rid of odour causing bacteria . Our feminine wipes are fragrant free and gentle to the skin due to it's hypoallergenic features be rest assured you will not experience irritation.

Store these wipes in your purse and take them on the go.

Free from dyes and Paragons

Ph balancer

Use these Feminine wet wipes before and after intimacy to clean up mess

You can be used these feminine bathroom wipes as a make up remover

Feminine moisture wipes Great refresher use at you convenience before your day starts, after gym, work or play

Removes odour causing bacteria

Gentle enough for a baby's bottom.


*Purified water

*Aloe Juice

*Camomille extra

* Non Woven Fabric

* Vitamin E

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