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feminine hygiene care

Product image 1feminine hygiene care | SleepiBella.
Product image 2feminine hygiene care | SleepiBella.

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                                  (Best feminine hygiene products for tweens)


This yoni freshness kit dynamic duo is great for balancing PH, healing, eliminating odor and yeast infection also keeping the yoni and other body parts feeling fresh, soothing and invigorating.

Enjoy or travel size refreshing mist small enough to fit in your purse. This Refreshing Mist  spray is convenient for On-The-Go use and small enough to put discreetly in your purse or pocket. Use after urination, during that time of the month, after heavy perspiration or ANYTIME to Eliminate Odor Causing Bacteria.feminine mist canada

Along with our all natural feminine hygiene wash Aloe Vera This Aloe Vera anti itch feminine wash, antibacterial feminine wash  is the best wash to use down there.  100% organic foam wash can be used externally on vaginal area and all over the body to sterilize and remove itch and odour

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