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Fibroids treatment natural remedy

Product image 1Fibroids treatment natural remedy | SleepiBella.
Product image 2Fibroids treatment natural remedy | SleepiBella.
Product image 3Fibroids treatment natural remedy | SleepiBella.

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                        (How to cure fibroids and endometriosis without surgery)

Some medications can shrink fibroids, but they often result in adverse side effects. For this reason, doctors typically only prescribe drugs for short term use or in preparation for surgery.

  A natural cure to shrink fibroids. This bundle accompanied with some life style changes , includes everything you will need to start your natural fibroid removal journey.

   Enhance the quality of life and help improve some of the symptoms associated with fibroids and endomettriosis.  All products in bundle consist of natural herbs and oil to promote female health.

Natural fibriods treatment kit
Bundle comes with 👇🏾

1 - Portable yoni seats

2- yoni steam gown

3- 30g packs of Yoni steam herbs (4) fibroids natural treatment herbs☑️

4- 8 packs of all natural yoni detox pearls with applicator(3pearls in pack)

5-One pack of best womb tea ☕️  womb tea by Sleepibella Aphrodisiac or fibriods. tea

6- One of SleepiBella's healing yoni oil

for a more effective home v-steam experience it is recommended to use SleepiBella steaming gown with the bundle.

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. The information on this website is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. Sleepi Bella Aphrodisiacs should not be used by anyone who is pregnant.

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