The journey to impeccable intimate hygiene for men begins by using an intimate wash which makes sure you stay clean and dry.

Everyone knows the importance of taking a shower regularly and maintaining proper hygiene. However, it’s important to give extra care and attention to intimate areas in the body that are more susceptible to moisture and infection. Keeping them clean and dry is essential for good hygiene.

What is Sleepibella Men’s intimate Wash Eucalyptus ?

Think of Intimate wash like a cleanser, but for your private areas. It is a Man product thoughtfully designed by medical experts to give you a fresh, dry feeling in your genital area, making sure it remains fresh and kills bacteria and infections that accumulate around the region, causing penis infections and allergies among countless men.

Do men really need to use an intimate wash?

The answer is yes! Yes, men need an intimate wash as well.

For the longest time, intimate wash such as Sleepibella’s Aloe vera sensitive wash, has been popular. But this intimate wash only helps in cleaning the female genitalia which is different from the male genitalia.

The times have changed. Both men and producers are more aware of why men need an intimate wash. 

What is Sleepibella Men’s intimate Wash Eucalyptus used for ?

Following a proper intimate hygiene routine you can easily avoid infections like Balanitis and Tinea cruris? Not washing or maintaining proper intimate hygiene regularly leads to body odour, accumulation of sweat and dirt, and even increased chances of penile yeast infection. This is exactly why you need the Men’s intimate Wash Eucalyptus that keeps your private areas clean and fresh.

How to use Sleepibella’s Men’s intimate Wash Eucalyptus?

  • Shake Men's Intimate wash well In the shower,
  •  first wet your skin with warm water, Take a few dabs of the rich foam of Men’s intimate Wash Eucalyptus onto your palm.or wet wash cloth and wash penis if you have a foreskin, pull it back and wash underneath, let the warm soapy water clean all around Manhood, testicles and anus.Leave on for 25-35 seconds.
  •  Rinse completely and dry penis; pull foreskin back and dry underneath with a soft dry towel and you’re done !
  • Avoid contact with eyes NOT FOR INTERNAL USE
  • When to use Sleepibella Men’s intimate Wash Eucalyptus ?

    The best time to use Intimate wash for men is when you're having a bath. Feel free to use it twice daily and keep penis and intimate infections and allergies at bay.